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 Quizzes,grammar lessons,tips,verb conjugations,and more- whether you're just starting to learn.




 Lessons for pronunciation with thousands of sound files.This segment will show  how to pronounce accent & every letter.




 Vocabulary records,lessons,tests,and a word a day.Everything you have to expand your vocabulary.


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Speak French



Activities and resources to work on your  reading skills, as well as criteria used by various agencies to find out French Expertise.Reading is an excellent way to learn new vocabulary and get familiar with its grammar(la grammaire française).



If you want to learn how to "Speak French", you have to do more than just study grammar and vocabulary - you actually need to get out there and speak.



Activities and assets to work on your writing talents, as well as criteria used by various agencies to determine proficiency.You don't need software or a special keyboard to type French accents - everything you need to know is to be  right at french classes in indore


Different Kinds of lessons, tools, and tips to help you enhance your French skills.tips to enhance your  listening comprehension,this site incorporates many  listening activities for all levels, but sometimes it's difficult to figure out the best way to use them. We offers ideas on how to make the most of them as well as your own audio books and magazines.

 Lessons by Level

Find lessons appropriate to learn on your level - beginning, intermediate, or advanced.

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