French Pronunciation

Contrary to the English r, the French r is pronounced by moving the tongue to the back of the mouth.


Pronouncing r the french way, will help you be understood better and not only greatly improve how you sound in French, it will help you be understood better. Sometimes when I felt I was exagerating my French ‘r’, my teacher still thought it sounded good however you can still overdue it.
Vowel Sounds

ou-vous – jour
oi-toi – voiture
on / om     bonbon – pompier
ai-fraise – aimer
ei-treize – peigner
ain-train – demain
ein-peinture – ceintre
in/im/ym-invisible – important – sympa
un / um-lundi – humble
en / em-comment – embouteillages
an / am-chanter – jambe
eu-cheveux – heureux
eur-chanteur – aspirateur
oeur-coeur – soeur
oin-plus ou moins – point
au-jaune – dauphin
eau-chateau – beau
ay-pays – rayure
oy-voyage – aboyer

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